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How we started

After many years of work in coffee distribution for the bar & restaurant sector, in 2012 we decided to expand our commercial offer, transferring the acquired know-how and expertise to the automatic distribution channel, with the aim of replicating the same model of success made of quality and service.

Why Mokacrem?

Because we use the best technological innovation for coffee machines for home or office use, we have a wide range of compatible capsules and pods for any type of system, but above all we select coffee origins from the best growing areas in the world with strict production regulations.

"Over 25 years of experience in the coffee sector, always in collaboration with the most modern and innovative production, packaging and roasting companies."

"Over 1000 satisfied customers, served with commitment, professionalism and dedication."

"Constantly looking for the most up-to-date coffee extraction technologies and the best coffee origins, to offer you a sweet & creamy espresso."

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